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Accumulo >> mail # user >> Reduce task failing on job with error java.lang.IllegalStateException: Keys appended out-of-order

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Reduce task failing on job with error java.lang.IllegalStateException: Keys appended out-of-order
I am trying to run a bulk ingest to import data into Accumulo but it is
failing at the reduce task with the below error:

java.lang.IllegalStateException: Keys appended out-of-order.  New key
client@20121206123059@0014efca-d8e8-492e-83cb-e5b6b7c49f7a foo:col3 [myVis]
9223372036854775807 false, previous key
foo:col16 [myVis] 9223372036854775807 false


Could this be caused by the order at which the writes are being done?
*-- Background*


The input file is a tab separated file.  A sample row would look like:

Data1    Data2    Data3    Data4    Data5    …             DataN

The map parses the data, for each row, into a Map<String, String>.  This
will contain the following:

Col1       Data1

Col2       Data2

Col3       Data3

ColN      DataN
An outputKey is then generated for this row in the format *client@timeStamp

Then for each entry in Map<String, String> a outputValue is generated in
the format *ColN|DataN*

The outputKey and outputValue are written to Context.

This completes successfully, however, the reduce task fails.
My ReduceClass is as follows:

      *public* *static* *class* ReduceClass *extends*

         *public* *void* reduce(Text key, Iterable<Text> keyValues, Context
output) *throws* IOException, InterruptedException {

                // for each value belonging to the key

                *for* (Text keyValue : keyValues) {

                       //split the keyValue into *Col* and Data

                     String[] values = keyValue.toString().split("\\|");

                     // Generate key

                     Key outputKey = *new* Key(key, *new* Text("foo"), *new*
 Text(values[0]), *new* Text("myVis"));

                     // Generate value

                     Value outputValue = *new* Value(values[1].getBytes(),
0, values[1].length());

                     // Write to context

                     output.write(outputKey, outputValue);



*-- Expected output*

I am expecting the contents of the Accumulo table to be as follows:

client@20121206123059@0014efca-d8e8-492e-83cb-e5b6b7c49f7a foo:Col1 [myVis]

client@20121206123059@0014efca-d8e8-492e-83cb-e5b6b7c49f7a foo:Col2 [myVis]

client@20121206123059@0014efca-d8e8-492e-83cb-e5b6b7c49f7a foo:Col3 [myVis]

client@20121206123059@0014efca-d8e8-492e-83cb-e5b6b7c49f7a foo:Col4 [myVis]

client@20121206123059@0014efca-d8e8-492e-83cb-e5b6b7c49f7a foo:Col5 [myVis]

client@20121206123059@0014efca-d8e8-492e-83cb-e5b6b7c49f7a foo:ColN [myVis]


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