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Pig >> mail # user >> UDF FilterFunc and logical OR

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Re: UDF FilterFunc and logical OR
Hi Jonathan,

thanks again for your help!

I have cloned the current git head and created this pig script

TestCONTAINS-testFilteringCluster-input.txt contains

The adition.jar has been built against the cloudera cdh3u3 distribution
and contains the filter function CONTAINS
Output from running my script with both versions of pig:

pig 0.11.0-SNAPSHOT

=> Correct results!!
pig 0.8.1-cdh3u3

=> Incorrect results!!
It seems like the new logical plan in pig 0.8.1 optimizes the OR
operator away. So its a bug, right?

Am 22.05.2012 21:26, schrieb Jonathan Coveney:
> If this is a bug, it's an annoying one, so I definitely appreciate your
> help in getting to the bottom of it. So let's get to the bottom of it :)
> First, I would clone the trunk version of pig and run the same tests
> against it and compare. Always good to test any bugs against trunk to see
> if it is version specific.
> Right off the bat, I would say that you should dump the files in your test
> to a file, make a short script that does exactly what your test does, and
> paste the EXPLAIN plan generated for your script (ideally in both your
> version of pig and trunk). We should be able to see if there is something
> weird going on.
> Let me know if you need any help with any of that. If it persists I'll try
> and recreate on my end.
> 2012/5/22 Johannes Schwenk <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>> Thank you for your quick suggestions!
>> - I am now using local mode - good point!
>> - I know of builtin matches, the CONTAINS filter was just to get into
>> programming UDFS...
>> - Whatever I do the problem persists. I tried:
>>  * turning off all optimizations (-t All) : no effect
>>  * reordering the statements : the outcome contains still only the
>> matching tuples to the lhs of the OR
>>  * using different data (just in case...) : no effect
>>  * finally counted how many times the exec() function gets called
>> processing the script... : exactly *six times* - each for every record!
>> That last observation leads me to believe that this is a bug!? The exec
>> function should be called at least *ten times* I think.
>> Du you have any suggestions on how to verify this?
>> Greetings
>> Am 21.05.2012 19:11, schrieb Jonathan Coveney:
>>> Not sure why it is failing... though I will mention two things. 1) you
>>> should use local mode if possible, especially just to test UDFs :) 2) you
>>> could use the builtin matches function to achieve this (ie matches
>>> '.*keyword.*')
>>> Besides that it is odd indeed, and I'd have to dig in more.
>>> 2012/5/21 Johannes Schwenk <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>>>> Hello List,
>>>> I am using Clouderas distribution (cdh3u3) which comes with pig-0.8.1.
>>>> I have written a UDF extending FilterFunc that checks if the provided
>>>> string is contained within the specified column of the current tuple:
>>>> http://pastebin.com/Uwje7v1V
>>>> I have also written some TestCases:
>>>> http://pastebin.com/uA4LHB4Q
>>>> The odd thing is, that only TestCase testFilteringClusterWithOR1 fails
>>>> because the result has not the expected length of 3 but is of length 2
>>>> instead (line 177 in http://pastebin.com/Uwje7v1V). After a lot of
>>>> investigating I still can not find out why testFilteringCluster and
>>>> testFilteringClusterWithOR2 succeed but not testFilteringClusterWithOR1.
>>>> Is there a special prerequisite for making my FilterFunc usabel within
>>>> OR ? Maybe I have missed something very obvious... Please help me figure
>>>> this out!
>>>> Greetings,
>>>> Johannes Schwenk
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>>>> 79117 Freiburg
>>>> http://www.adition.com
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Johannes Schwenk

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