Accumulo, mail # dev - [VOTE] Accumulo Bylaws - Action changes - 2014-04-04, 15:05
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[VOTE] Accumulo Bylaws - Action changes
This is a proposal to strike the code change action from the bylaws. This
is being requested because there is substantial ambiguity about the
standards being declared / whether this should be part of our bylaws and,
until these are clarified, should be removed.

Specifically, it is the following line which shall be removed

Code Change A change made to a codebase of the project. This includes
source code, documentation, website content, etc.Lazy approval, moving to
consensus approval upon vetoActive committers1
The current bylaws are visibile at

This vote will be open for 7 days, until 11 April 2014, 15:10 UTC.

Upon successful completion of this vote, the first line of the document body
will be replaced with "This is version 2 of the bylaws," and the
aforementioned line will be removed.

This vote requires majority approval to pass: at least 3 +1 votes and more
than -1's.

[ ] +1 - "I approve of these proposed bylaw changes and accept them
for the Apache
Accumulo project."
[ ] +0 - "I neither approve nor disapprove of these proposed bylaw changes,
but accept them for the Apache Accumulo project."
[ ] -1 - "I do not approve of these proposed bylaw changes and do not
accept them for the Apache Accumulo project because..."

Thank you.

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