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HBase, mail # user - Number of tables

Mark 2011-08-21, 15:59
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Re: Number of tables
Sonal Goyal 2011-08-21, 17:25
Hi Mark,

When you say that your use case does not require searching across multiple
types, what do you mean? Do you have cases when you search with type?

Best Regards,
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On Sun, Aug 21, 2011 at 9:29 PM, Mark <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> We are logging all user actions into hbase. These actions include searches,
> product views and clicks.
> We are currently storing them in one table with row keys like so:
> "#{type}/#{user}/#{time}", where type is either click, search, view and user
> is the current user logged in. Obviously using this method lead to region
> hot spotting as the start of each key is fairly static. This got me to
> thinking on what alternatives ways I could model this type of data and I was
> hoping I could get some suggestions from the community.
> Which would be more advisable?
> 1) Keep the current all logs go to one table pattern that is describe
> above.
> 2) Keep the current all logs go to one table pattern that is describe above
> but switch the type and user fields which would lead to more randomized keys
> thus reducing hot spots
> 3) Create separate tables for each type of log we are saving... ie have
> search table, click table, view table.
> Our use case does not require us searching across multiple types so I'm
> leaning towards #3 now but I was wondering if there were any cons to using
> this method? Is it worse to have more tables than less?
> Thanks for help
> -M
Mark 2011-08-21, 17:39
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