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Zookeeper >> mail # user >> Kazoo 'state listener' issue...

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Kazoo 'state listener' issue...
I've got a weird connection issue playing around with Kazoo... If I do something simple like:

>  k = KazooClient()
>  k.start()
>  k.create('/foo')
>  k.stop()
>  k.start()
>  k.create('/foo')

it works fine... the node is re-created, all is happy.

However, if i try to use a state_listener callback to automatically re-register any paths that we had registered on our first connection, it fails. In fact, it doesn't really fail .. it hangs. This only happens if we try to do re-register the paths from within the state listener. If we do it outside of that callback (manually) it works fine. Silly code snippet that will cause the problem:

> from kazoo.client import KazooClient
> from kazoo.client import KazooState
> import logging
> log = logging.getLogger()
> format = '[%(name)s-%(thread)d-%(funcName)s: (%(levelname)s) %(message)s'
> log.setLevel(logging.DEBUG)
> formatter = logging.Formatter(format)
> handler = logging.StreamHandler()
> handler.setFormatter(formatter)
> log.addHandler(handler)
> registered_nodes = {}
> def register_node(node, data=None):
>     if node in registered_nodes:
>         if data == registered_nodes[node]:
>             log.debug('Already registered [%s] in data provider.' % node)
>             return
>     log.debug('Registering [%s] in data provider.' % node)
>     _zk.create(node, ephemeral=True, makepath=True)
>     registered_nodes[node] = data
> def _re_register_nodes(nodes):
>     for node in nodes.iteritems():
>         register_node(node[0], data=node[1])
> def _state_listener(state):
>     log.warning('Zookeeper connection state changed: %s' % state)
>     if state == KazooState.SUSPENDED:
>         CONNECTION_STATE=False
>     elif state == KazooState.LOST:
>         CONNECTION_STATE=False
>     else:
>         try:
>             nodes = registered_nodes
>         except:
>             # no local nodes
>         registered_nodes = {}
>         _re_register_nodes(nodes)
> log.setLevel(logging.DEBUG)
> registered_nodes = {}
> _zk = KazooClient(hosts='localhost:2182')
> _zk.start()
> _zk.add_listener(_state_listener)
> _state_listener(_zk.state)
> # now register a node
> register_node('/abc/a')
> _zk.stop()
> _zk.start()
If you run this in a python shell, after the _zk.start(), your path will not reregister... instead, the _state_listener() method will basically hang when it calls _re_register_nodes(). The _re_register_nodes() method hangs on the first attempt to call register_node(), which will hang at the _zk.create. Obviously the above code is a bastardized stripped down version of what we're working with, but it replicates the problem. This could just be a problem with my understanding of how the add_listener callback works.. but I'm a bit confused here.

Long term, the goal is to have our object able to handle a disconnect and gracefully re-generate any paths that had been disconnected during the connection loss. Ironically Kazoo handles this already with its 'watcher' recipe. It just doesn't have the same kind of thing for any paths we create with KazooClient.create().