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Hive >> mail # user >> is that possible to use Hive 0.11 with libthrift 0.7

Zhang Xiaoyu 2013-10-10, 19:09
Edward Capriolo 2013-10-10, 19:19
Zhang Xiaoyu 2013-10-10, 19:23
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Re: is that possible to use Hive 0.11 with libthrift 0.7
Hi Zhang,

I have the same issue in that I use some Cassandra client API's that depend
on Thrift 0.7 and HCatalog 0.11 that depends on Thrift 0.9. I opted for
using the jarjar utility to "shade" the thrift 0.9 classes. Here's what I
added to the build.xml file for the hcatalog-pig-adapter project:

<target name="jarjar">
    <echo message="basedir=${basedir}"/>
    <copy file="${basedir}/../core/build/hcatalog-core-0.11.0.jar"
    <copy file="${basedir}/build/hcatalog-pig-adapter-0.11.0.jar"
    <copy todir="${basedir}/deps">
      <fileset dir="${basedir}/../../build/dist/lib" includes="hive-*.jar"/>
    <taskdef name="jarjar" classname="com.tonicsystems.jarjar.JarJarTask"
    <jarjar jarfile="hcat-pig-shaded.jar">
        <zipgroupfileset dir="deps" includes="*.jar"/>
        <rule pattern="org.apache.thrift.**" result="org.shaded.thrift.@1"/>

I basically cooked up a deps directory that contains all the JARs that the
hcatalog-pig-adapter depends on and then used jarjar to create a single jar
with the thrift classes renamed at the bytecode level to org.shaded.thrift

You can do something similar for the JDBC code.


On Thu, Oct 10, 2013 at 1:19 PM, Edward Capriolo <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>wrote:

> You are kinda screwed. Thrift is wire-compatible in many cases but not API
> compatible. You can not have two applications build off two versions of
> thrift in the same classpath without something like OSGI. To insulate the
> class loaders from each other.
> Your best bet is upgrading "other component" to thrift 9
> On Thu, Oct 10, 2013 at 3:09 PM, Zhang Xiaoyu <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>wrote:
>> Hi, all,
>> I am writing a piece of code talking to Hive 0.11 Hive Server 2. The JDBC
>> code depends on libthrift 0.9. However one component which depends on
>> libthrift 0.7 and not binary compatible with libthrift 0.9.
>> When I downgrade to 0.7, I got below NoClassDefFoundError:
>> org/apache/thrift/scheme/StandardScheme.
>> Any idea how to make HS2 working with thrift 0.7? Thanks.
>> Johnny
Zhang Xiaoyu 2013-10-10, 23:31
Timothy Potter 2013-10-11, 00:04
Timothy Potter 2013-10-11, 00:12