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Flume >> mail # user >> flume-ng agent startup problem

Jagadish Bihani 2012-08-08, 07:45
alo alt 2012-08-08, 07:49
Patrick Wendell 2012-08-08, 16:49
Hari Shreedharan 2012-08-08, 16:57
Jagadish Bihani 2012-08-10, 10:00
Jagadish Bihani 2012-08-11, 09:09
Patrick Wendell 2012-08-11, 20:49
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Re: flume-ng agent startup problem
Hi Patrick

I verified that flume is finding hadoop directory in the classpath.
And HADOOP_HOME is also set.
When I run the flume command it prints:

apache-flume-1.2.0]$ bin/flume-ng agent  -n agent -c conf -f
conf/flume_socket.conf --classpath
*Info: Including Hadoop libraries found via
(/MachineLearning/OTFA/hadoop-0.20.1-cluster1/bin/hadoop) for HDFS access*
+ exec /usr/java/jdk1.6.0_12/bin/java -Xmx20m
-Dflume.root.logger=DEBUG,console -cp
org.apache.flume.node.Application -n agent -f conf/flume_socket.conf

So it finds Hadoop libraries. I also tried adding other jars like
commons-cli & commons-codec in the classpath.
But still HDFS sink is not working.

On 08/12/2012 02:19 AM, Patrick Wendell wrote:
> Jagadish,
> One possibility is that flume is not finding the Hadoop classpath
> correctly and silently failing when trying to create the HDFS sink.
> I've run into something like this before and thought we had fixed it.
> Do you have HADOOP_HOME set in your environment? If you run "$> hadoop
> classpath" on the command line does it correctly print out the hadoop
> classpath? Flume uses these to try and find out the correct hadoop
> directories to include in the classpath.
> Also, can you run ./flume-ng with the -d option to print out the
> classpath that is being used to launch flume? You want to verify that
> your hadoop directory is in there.
> - Patrick
> On Sat, Aug 11, 2012 at 2:09 AM, Jagadish Bihani
> wrote:
>     Hi
>     In my case flume is not transferring data to HDFS with my hadoop
>     version
>     being 0.20.1 and it doesn't show any error even in DEBUG log mode.
>     It works fine for other sinks.
>     Is there any known compatibility problem with hadoop 0.20.1 ? OR
>      can there be a problem due to an particular hadoop version?
>     (I know its an old version but it is on production machine and
>     cant upgrade
>     as of now...)
>     Details of configuration and log records are in the following mail
>     Thanks ,
>     Jagadish
>     On 08/10/2012 03:30 PM, Jagadish Bihani wrote:
>>     Hi
>>     Thanks all for the inputs. After the initial problem I was able
>>     to start flume except in one scenario in
>>     which I use HDFS as sink.
>>     I have a production machine with hadoop-0.20.1 installed. I have
>>     installed latest flume 1.2.0.
>>     It works fine for all the configurations (at least which I tried)
>>     except when HDFS sink is used.
>>     Test:
>>     ---------
>>      I used both netcat listener as the source of the agent and HDFS
>>     is sink. Then I start the agent using
>>     the command *"bin/flume-ng agent -n agent1 -c conf -f
>>     conf/flume_hdfs.conf --classpath
>>     /MachineLearning/OTFA/hadoop-0.20.1-cluster1/hadoop-0.20.1-core.jar
>>     -Dflume.root.logger=DEBUG,console"*
>>      with DEBUG logging mode enabled. I don't get any
>>     error/exception. I use *"/usr/sbin/lsof -i:<port_no>"* command to
>>     check whether the source
>>     is actually bound to that port and it doesn't return any port.
>>     But when I use *file sink instead of HDFS sink* and run lsof it
>>     correctly shows me the port on which
>>     it is listening.
>>     Thus when HDFS sink is used even source part of agent doesn't
>>     work and it doesn't give any exception. And nothing is written to
>>     HDFS sink.
>>     P.S. I have checked the user,permission details of HDFS. They are
>>     fine.
>>     I have run flume on my other machines with different version of
>>     hadoop (0.23 & 1.0). It has run HDFS sink properly there.
ashutosh 2012-08-09, 08:48
Hari Shreedharan 2012-08-10, 17:07