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Hadoop >> mail # general >> 0.23.3 release coming soon

Robert Evans 2012-08-23, 20:52
Inder.dev Java 2012-08-23, 21:09
Eli Collins 2012-08-24, 17:48
Robert Evans 2012-08-23, 21:34
Inder.dev Java 2012-08-23, 21:52
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Re: 0.23.3 release coming soon
We don't have a private git repo.  That was the whole point of this so we
can do all of this in public.  What we run and build is purely what is on

> Note that, end of the day, ultimately community has to mark hadoop-2 as
>stable. but not 23.3..versions right.

The community can do what ever they want following the Hadoop Project's
bylaws http://hadoop.apache.org/bylaws.html.  An official release of
hadoop requires a lazy majority vote of PMC members.  Marking a release as
stable is not something that is voted on according to the bylaws.  We all
want hadoop-2 to become stable, but it is up to individual users if it is
stable enough for them.  The fact that hadoop-2.0.0 and hadoop-2.1.0 are
marked as alpha is only to warn people that the release has not really
been tested at scale.  There was a lot of discussion when the alpha was
added to the name if that really was necessary.  The community decided
that it was helpful so that is why we did it.

0.23.3 is very close to 2.0.0-aplha but without Name Node HA, and with
more bug fixes.  You are correct that even if all of the bugs in 0.23 are
fixed it does not guarantee that all of the bugs in 2 will be fixed
because of that.  But it does guarantee that someone else will not have to
fix a bug in 2 that is also in 0.23.

--Bobby Evans

On 8/23/12 4:52 PM, "Inder.dev Java" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

>> We also wanted to do this out in the open so the community
>could see what was happening, instead of in some private git repository.
>You mean, you have some different changes in 23.3,  which is not put into
>hadoop-2 ?
>alpha cuts already going on and ppl are testing. If you find any bug in
>23.3, you may contribute to hadoop-2.
>That changes will be tested in next alpha cut right. If you test with 23.3
>and say it is stable with out merging some things from hadoop-2, that will
>not really give confidence on hadoop-2 releases right. If you are porting
>everything from hadoop-2 to 23.3, then both releases are same. Need not
>release it separately right? But I am not sure about it.
>IMO, having official releases like this may confuse ppl differently.
>On Fri, Aug 24, 2012 at 3:04 AM, Robert Evans <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> There was a discussion about this in April
>> in which there was unanimous approval of the idea.  I realize that it is
>> confusing and I feel your pain.  I hate having to explain to our
>> why we are going "backwards" from 1.0 to 0.23.
>> The community as a whole is working hard and is serious about
>> hadoop-2.  As I said in the original proposal everything that is in
>> has been merged first to branch-2.
>> What is more, putting on my Yahoo hat, we have nightly builds and tests
>> branch-2.  We want to move to branch-2 as soon as possible, but to meet
>> our goals to have YARN out in production by the end of this year we had
>> cut somewhere.  We also wanted to do this out in the open so the
>> could see what was happening, instead of in some private git repository.
>> If the community has changed their mind and having an official release
>> labeled 0.23 is too confusing to customers I am happy to not call a
>> but simply renumber the release and move on.
>> --Bobby Evans
>> On 8/23/12 4:09 PM, "Inder.dev Java" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> >Having releases like this kind of versions (back to 2x.x..) may confuse
>> >people?
>> >Hadoop-2 and 23.x may not have big difference right.
>> >
>> >already community decided to make the branches as 1, 2....etc.. So
>> >going back to 2x.x releases may really confuse people. I confused by
>> >seeing
>> >this release mail here.
>> >
>> >Why can't people put real effort on hadoop-2 itself and make it stable
>> >that is the version community wanted to make it stable from alpha? Why
Inder.dev Java 2012-08-24, 15:16
Rajiv Chittajallu 2012-08-24, 18:23
Konstantin Boudnik 2012-08-24, 18:11
Robert Evans 2012-08-24, 15:26
Harsh J 2012-08-24, 16:06