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HBase >> mail # user >> hbase 0.96 stop master receive ERROR ipc.RPC: RPC.stopProxy called on non proxy.

Henry Hung 2013-11-21, 01:43
Jimmy Xiang 2013-11-21, 01:48
Henry Hung 2013-11-21, 01:50
Henry Hung 2013-11-21, 01:57
Henry Hung 2013-11-25, 05:04
Ted Yu 2013-11-25, 17:56
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RE: hbase 0.96 stop master receive ERROR ipc.RPC: RPC.stopProxy called on non proxy.
Yes, I use the hadoop-hdfs-2.2.0.jar.

BTW, how do you certain that the namenode class is ClientNamenodeProtocolTranslatorPB?

>From the NameNodeProxies, I can only assume the ClientNamenodeProtocolTranslatorPB is used only when connecting to single hadoop namenode.

  public static <T> ProxyAndInfo<T> createNonHAProxy(
      Configuration conf, InetSocketAddress nnAddr, Class<T> xface,
      UserGroupInformation ugi, boolean withRetries) throws IOException {
    Text dtService = SecurityUtil.buildTokenService(nnAddr);

    T proxy;
    if (xface == ClientProtocol.class) {
      proxy = (T) createNNProxyWithClientProtocol(nnAddr, conf, ugi,
But I'm using HA configuration using QJM, so the my guess is the createProxy will go to the HA case because I provide failoverProxyProviderClass with "org.apache.hadoop.hdfs.server.namenode.ha.ConfiguredFailoverProxyProvider".

  public static <T> ProxyAndInfo<T> createProxy(Configuration conf,
      URI nameNodeUri, Class<T> xface) throws IOException {
    Class<FailoverProxyProvider<T>> failoverProxyProviderClass         getFailoverProxyProviderClass(conf, nameNodeUri, xface);

    if (failoverProxyProviderClass == null) {
      // Non-HA case
      return createNonHAProxy(conf, NameNode.getAddress(nameNodeUri), xface,
          UserGroupInformation.getCurrentUser(), true);
    } else {
      // HA case
      FailoverProxyProvider<T> failoverProxyProvider = NameNodeProxies
          .createFailoverProxyProvider(conf, failoverProxyProviderClass, xface,
      Conf config = new Conf(conf);
      T proxy = (T) RetryProxy.create(xface, failoverProxyProvider, RetryPolicies
              config.maxFailoverAttempts, config.failoverSleepBaseMillis,

      Text dtService = HAUtil.buildTokenServiceForLogicalUri(nameNodeUri);
      return new ProxyAndInfo<T>(proxy, dtService);

Here is the snippet of my hdfs-site.xml:


-----Original Message-----
From: Ted Yu [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
Sent: Tuesday, November 26, 2013 1:56 AM
Subject: Re: hbase 0.96 stop master receive ERROR ipc.RPC: RPC.stopProxy called on non proxy.

Here is the caller to createReorderingProxy():

      ClientProtocol cp1 = createReorderingProxy(namenode, lrb, conf);

where namenode
is org.apache.hadoop.hdfs.protocolPB.ClientNamenodeProtocolTranslatorPB :

public class ClientNamenodeProtocolTranslatorPB implements

    ProtocolMetaInterface, ClientProtocol, Closeable, ProtocolTranslator {

In createReorderingProxy() :

            new Class[]{ClientProtocol.class, Closeable.class},

We ask for Closeable interface.
Did the error persist after you replaced with the hadoop-hdfs-2.2.0.jar ?
Meaning, did you start HBase using the new hadoop jars ?

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Ted Yu 2013-11-26, 01:30
Henry Hung 2013-11-26, 02:05
Ted Yu 2013-11-26, 05:56
Ted Yu 2013-11-27, 21:05
Henry Hung 2013-11-26, 01:21
Ted Yu 2013-11-25, 18:54