I'm resurrecting this thread now that 3.4.6 is out the door. I'm
assuming that we might do a 3.4.7 at some point, but that shouldn't
hold up releasing a 3.5.0.

We discussed a number of good ideas previously in this thread wrt what
we should do for 3.5.0. Any further thoughts?

A big part of the planning will be to clean up Jira and figuring out
what we need to finish. I'll start looking at that but if anyone else
has any ideas of can clean up jiras they are familiar with it would be

Here's the list currently slated for 3.5.0 (258 total!): http://bit.ly/1ijYAJF

There are 8 listed blockers at the moment. Most of which have to do
with the introduction of dynamic reconfiguration. Only one jira is PA.

There are 52 PA jiras currently slated for 3.5.0: http://bit.ly/PV21NA


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