Announcing Curator RPC

The just release version 2.6.0 of Apache Curator includes a new project, Curator RPC. 

The Curator RPC module implements a proxy that bridges non-java environments with the Curator framework and recipes. It uses Apache Thrift which supports a large set of languages and environments.

The benefits of Curator RPC are:

* Gives access to Curator to non JVM languages/environments
** Curator has become the de-facto JVM client library for ZooKeeper
** Curator makes using Apache ZooKeeper much easier
** Curator contains well-tested recipes for many common ZooKeeper usages
* Organizations can unify their ZooKeeper usage across languages/environments (i.e. use Curator's Service Discovery recipe)
* The quality of ZooKeeper clients for some non-JVM languages is lacking
* There are Thrift implementations for a large number of languages/environments

Full details here:

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