Mid-size notebooks lag in browser rendering / responding to simple
navigation requests.
I've seen many times that once notebooks grow up above a "small" size,
rendering lags can happen.
Running latest Chrome with a decent Intel i7 processor.
For example, a notebook I am working on has around 35 paragraphs and is
just 145k note.json
(there are no big data tables - nothhing crazy), starts lagging quite a bit
which doesn't help with UX.

I've noticed paragraphs in HTML code can be burried 10 levels deep in
DIV-DIV-... nesting.
This could be the root cause? Browser might have hard time calculating all
those nested
CSS styles etc?

I know some colleagues of mine start splitting notebooks into separate
when they see this issue.

Not sure if this is a known issue and if everybody else experience the same?
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