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Hive >> mail # user >> Hive query taking a lot of time just to launch map-reduce jobs

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Re: Hive query taking a lot of time just to launch map-reduce jobs
On 26 Nov 2013, at 7:02, Sreenath wrote:

> Hey David,
> Thanks for the swift reply. Each id will have exactly one file. and
> regarding the volume on an average each file would be 100MB of
> compressed
> data with the maximum going upto around 200MB compressed data.

> And how will RC files be an advantage here?

I was thinking RCFiles would be an advantage but was confusing their
utility with that of indexes used on non-partitioned data, my bad.
ORCFiles (or indexes) would be an advantage as it would allow you to not
use partitions and regroup your files, thus reducing the overall number
greatly. You could additionally specify a greater block size (say 512MB)
so the number of files to read is divided by 5.

I guess the real issue is having a hive instance communicating with
remote storage on a large number of files, as the metastore only keeps
memory of the directories, not the files. As a result, in order to
assemble all your file paths, which are needed for query execution, it
takes a long time and a large number of I/O on the data store, which
happens to be remote and possibly slow to poll.

This is only a wild guess (and I could be completely wrong on my
understanding on Hive altogether) and there might be a bug and/or
something to optimize; the error you're seeing is maybe the key to the
issue but then it is for more knowledgeable people than me to commment

Sorry (and good luck)


> On Mon, Nov 25, 2013 at 5:50 PM, David Morel <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> wrote:
>> On 25 Nov 2013, at 11:50, Sreenath wrote:
>> hi all,
>>> We are using hive for Ad-hoc querying and have a hive table which is
>>> partitioned on two fields (date,id).Now for each date there are
>>> around
>>> 1400
>>> ids so on a single day around that many partitions are added.The
>>> actual
>>> data is residing in s3. now the issue we are facing is suppose we do
>>> a
>>> select count(*) for a month from the table then it takes quite a
>>> long
>>> amount of time(approx : 1hrs 52 min) just to launch the map reduce
>>> job.
>>> when i ran the query in hive verbose mode i can see that its
>>> spending this
>>> time actually deciding how many number of mappers to
>>> spawn(calculating
>>> splits). Is there any means by which i can reduce this lag time for
>>> the
>>> launch of map-reduce job.
>>> this is one of the log messages that is being logged during this lag
>>> time
>>> 13/11/19 07:11:06 INFO mapred.FileInputFormat: Total input paths to
>>> process
>>> : 1
>>> 13/11/19 07:11:06 WARN httpclient.RestS3Service: Response
>>> '/Analyze%2F2013%2F10%2F03%2F465' - Unexpected response code 404,
>>> expected
>>> 200
>>> Anyone has a quick fix for this ?
>> So we're talking about 30 days x 1400 ids x number of files per ID
>> (usually more than 1)
>> this is at least 42,000 file paths, and (regardless of the error you
>> posted) hive won't perform well on this many files when making the
>> query.
>> It is IMHO a typical case of over-partitioning. I'd use RCFile and
>> keep
>> IDs unpartitioned.
>> What volume of data are we talking about here? What's the volume of
>> the
>> biggest ID for a day, and the average?
>> David