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HBase >> mail # user >> AsyncHBase 1.5.0-rc1 available for download and testing (HBase 0.96 compatibility inside)

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Re: AsyncHBase 1.5.0-rc1 available for download and testing (HBase 0.96 compatibility inside)
At build time I saw:

protoc -Iprotobuf --java_out=build/src protobuf/Cell.proto
protoc -Iprotobuf --java_out=build/src protobuf/Client.proto
protoc -Iprotobuf --java_out=build/src protobuf/Comparator.proto
protoc -Iprotobuf --java_out=build/src protobuf/ErrorHandling.proto
protoc -Iprotobuf --java_out=build/src protobuf/Filter.proto

If protoc 2.4.1 is installed on user's machine, the build artifact wouldn't
be able to communicate with HBase 0.96.0

Have you thought of putting the generated Java code in repo ?

On Mon, Oct 28, 2013 at 9:57 PM, tsuna <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Hi all,
> The first release candidate of AsyncHBase "post-singularity" is now
> available for download.  AsyncHBase remains true to its initial
> promise: the API is still backward compatible, but under the hood it
> continues to work with all production releases of HBase of the past
> few years.
> This release was tested against HBase 0.89, 0.90, 0.92, 0.94, and
> 0.96.  While 0.2x probably still works, I didn't take the time to test
> it, because… well, really, you shouldn't be using such ancient version
> of HBase.  Really.
> The Maven build was broken by the addition of protobufs in the build
> process.  Any Maven fans out there who would like to help fix it?
> Without it I can't easily publish new artifacts to Maven repo.
> Here is the relevant excerpt of the NEWS file:
> This release introduces compatibility with HBase 0.96 and up, and adds
> a dependency on Google's protobuf-java library.  Note that HBase 0.95.x,
> which was a "developer preview" release train, is NOT supported.
> Please note that support for explicit row locks has been removed from
> HBase 0.95 and up.  While the classes and functionality remain usable
> when using earlier versions of HBase, an `UnsupportedOperationException'
> will be raised if one attempt to send a `RowLockRequest' to a newer
> version of HBase.
> Please note that while AsyncHBase never made any guarantees about the
> exact order in which multiple edits are applied within a batch, the order
> is now different when talking to HBase 0.96 and up.
> New public APIs:
>   - Scanners can now use a variety of different filters via the new
>     `ScanFilter' interfaces and its various implementations.
>   - It's possible to specify specific families to scan via `setFamilies'.
>   - Scanners can put an upper bound on the amount of data fetched by RPC
>     via the new `setMaxNumKeyValues' (works with HBase 0.96 and up only).
>   - HBaseRpc now has a `failfast()' and a `setFailfast(boolean)' pair
>     of methods to allow RPCs to fail as soon as their encounter an
>     issue out of the ordinary (e.g. not just a `NotSuchRegionException').
>   - `GetRequest' has additional constructor overloads that make its API
>     more uniform with that of other RPCs.
> Noteworthy bug fixes:
>   - DeleteRequest wasn't honoring its timestamp if one was given (#58).
>   - When a connection attempt fails, buffered RPCs weren't cleaned up
>     or retried properly.
>   - When one RPC fails because of another one (e.g. we fail to send an
>     RPC because a META lookup failed), the asynchronous exception that
>     is given to the callback now properly carries the original RPC that
>     failed.
>   - There was an unlikely race condition that could cause an NPE while
>     trying to retrieve the ROOT region from ZooKeeper.
> Pre-compiled JAR:
> http://tsunanet.net/~tsuna/asynchbase/asynchbase-1.5.0-rc1.jar
> Source: https://github.com/tsuna/asynchbase
> Javadoc:
> http://tsunanet.net/~tsuna/asynchbase/1.5.0/org/hbase/async/HBaseClient.html
> $ git diff --stat v1.4.1.. | tail -n 1
>  70 files changed, 4824 insertions(+), 487 deletions(-)
> $ git shortlog v1.4.1..
> Andrey Stepachev (1):
>       Add support for multiple families/qualifiers in scanners.
> Benoit Sigoure (65):
>       Start v1.5.0.
>       Add Viral to AUTHORS for his work on ScanFilter.
>       Document ScanFilter and prevent it from being subclassed externally.