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Pig >> mail # user >> Pig script only works with no_multiquery

Dragos Munteanu 2011-02-18, 20:26
Thejas M Nair 2011-02-18, 21:08
Dragos Munteanu 2011-02-22, 23:53
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Re: Pig script only works with no_multiquery
Can you please open a jira with this information ? -  https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/PIG
If you are able to create a sample script/data that can reproduce this issue, that will also be very useful.

As a workaround, you can probably split the query into independent  queries each having a smaller number of group-by-and-sum .

On 2/22/11 3:53 PM, "Dragos Munteanu" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Thanks Thejas!

I tried the patch that you mentioned, that solves issue
It helps a little, but as I try more complex scripts, the multiquery failures come back. Below are the details.

I'm running pig compiled from http://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/pig/branches/branch-0.8
checked out on Feb. 18, compiled with jdk1.6.0_24

My script does the following:
- read from disk a relation where each tuple has 10 fields, one of which is
a count
- take each non-count field in turn, group by it, and sum the counts for
each group.

Initially my script computed 5 such group-by-and-sum, which failed on the non-patched pig-0.8.
With the patch, this script worked just fine.
I then ran a script that does 15 group-by-and-sum (grouping also by pairs of fields). In this run, a couple of reducer attempts failed (Map output copy failure : java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space) but the job as a whole succeeded.

I then ran a script that also does 15 group-bys, but for each group it performs a more complex computation (I provide a code example below). This time the job fails, and quickly. Just like above, a bunch of reducers fail with the "Java heap space" error; and the log of the entire job says:

Failed Jobs:
JobId   Alias   Feature Message Outputs
job_201101201235_0292   merged_rules,statLR_ccounts,statLR_rules,statLR_rules_grouped,statLR_tcounts,statLR_tcounts_grouped,statLR_totals,statL_ccounts,statL_rules,statL_rules_grouped,statL_tcounts,statL_tcounts_grouped,statL_totals,statLt_ccounts,statLt_rules,statLt_rules_grouped,statLt_tcounts,statLt_tcounts_grouped,statLt_totals,statR_ccounts,statR_rules,statR_rules_grouped,statR_tcounts,statR_tcounts_grouped,statR_totals,statRt_ccounts,statRt_rules,statRt_rules_grouped,statRt_tcounts,statRt_tcounts_grouped,statRt_totals,statTLR_ccounts,statTLR_rules,statTLR_rules_grouped,statTLR_tcounts,statTLR_tcounts_grouped,statTLR_totals,statTL_ccounts,statTL_rules,statTL_rules_grouped,statTL_tcounts,statTL_tcounts_grouped,statTL_totals,statTLtRt_ccounts,statTLtRt_rules,statTLtRt_rules_grouped,statTLtRt_tcounts,statTLtRt_tcounts_grouped,statTLtRt_totals,statTLt_ccounts,statTLt_rules,statTLt_rules_grouped,statTLt_tcounts,statTLt_tcounts_grouped,statTLt_totals,statTR_ccounts,statTR_rules,statTR_rules_grouped,statTR_tcounts,statTR_tcounts_grouped,statTR_totals,statTRt_ccounts,statTRt_rules,statTRt_rules_grouped,statTRt_tcounts,statTRt_tcounts_grouped,statTRt_totals,statT_ccounts,statT_rules,statT_rules_grouped,statT_tcounts,statT_tcounts_grouped,statT_totals      MULTI_QUERY,COMBINER    Message: Job failed!

Failed to read data from "hdfs://pig1/user/dmunteanu/RuleProcess.xTCxi/rules"



I'm not sure why it complains about "failed to read data"; my best guess is that it's because the job fails even before all mappers could be run.
The exact same script runs just fine with "no_multiquery", so the problem has to come from the multiquery optimization.

Below is a sample of my script.
Basically, it groups by something and then:

 *   sums up all the counts for the members of the group
 *   computes, for all members of the group, counts-of-counts (i.e. how many tuples in the group have the same count as the current tuple)

The example shows the computation for one group; this is the code is then repeated (with different relation names) for the other groups

-- compute totals
statT_rules = FOREACH merged_rules GENERATE root, count;
statT_rules_grouped = GROUP statT_rules BY root PARALLEL 30;
statT_totals = FOREACH statT_rules_grouped GENERATE FLATTEN(group), SUM(statT_rules.count) AS total;

statT_tcounts = FOREACH statT_rules GENERATE root, count, (count >= 5 ? 5 : count) as tcount;
statT_tcounts_grouped = GROUP statT_tcounts BY (root,tcount) PARALLEL 30;
statT_ccounts = FOREACH statT_tcounts_grouped GENERATE FLATTEN(group), COUNT(statT_tcounts) AS ccount;

statT_joined = JOIN statT_totals BY group, statT_ccounts BY root;
statT_joined_filtered = FOREACH statT_joined GENERATE statT_totals::group AS root, statT_totals::total AS total, statT_ccounts::group::tcount AS tcount, statT_ccounts::ccount AS ccount;
statT_joined_grouped = GROUP statT_joined_filtered BY (root,total) PARALLEL 30;
statT_joined_print = FOREACH statT_joined_grouped GENERATE FLATTEN(group), statT_joined_filtered.(tcount,ccount);

STORE statT_joined_print INTO 'RuleProcess.xTCxi.2/stats.root' using PigStorage;
Many thanks,
On 2/18/11 1:08 PM, "Thejas M Nair" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
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