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HBase >> mail # dev >> State of the 0.94 tests

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Re: State of the 0.94 tests
Too many open files usually is an environment issue.

Lars, you should consider setting up a private Jenkins as a sanity check.

On Oct 7, 2012, at 2:41 PM, lars hofhansl <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Looks like after all that whining I finally got a successful build.
> But I lost confidence in the current 0.94 code line.
> Still, it is possible that all of these were environmental issue. If we can get a few more successful runs, it could be OK.
> -- Lars
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> From: lars hofhansl <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> To: hbase-dev <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Sent: Saturday, October 6, 2012 11:11 PM
> Subject: State of the 0.94 tests
> I've been trying (essentially the entire day) getting a successful jenkins build for 0.94 (triggering the test run periodically from my phone). Not a *single* run succeeded.
> This is clearly not acceptable. Something is off.
> The tests that fails the most frequently are:
> - TestSplitTransactionOnCluster.testShouldThrowIOExceptionIfStoreFileSizeIsEmptyAndSHouldSuccessfullyExecuteRollback
> - TestSplitTransactionOnCluster.testShouldClearRITWhenNodeFoundInSplittingState
> (The failure cause most of the time is too many files open, but also fail because of unavailable regions).
> Both tests were added recently (since 0.94.2RC2). See HBASE-6854 and HBASE-6853.
> Either there is something wrong with the tests, or we introduced some problems in the code base.
> Note that I am not dinging these two changes specifically. Both were fixes with a lot of thought and care behind them.
> There are also various time out issues in other tests.
> These were all the fixes added since the last RC:
> [HBASE-4565] - Maven HBase build broken on cygwin with copynativelib.sh call
> [HBASE-6299] - RS starting region open while failing ack to HMaster.sendRegionOpen() causes inconsistency in HMaster's region state and a series of successive problems
> [HBASE-6679] - RegionServer aborts due to race between compaction and split
> [HBASE-6688] - folder referred by thrift demo app instructions is outdated
> [HBASE-6854] - Deletion of SPLITTING node on split rollback should clear the region from RIT
> [HBASE-6871] - HFileBlockIndex Write Error in HFile V2 due to incorrect split into intermediate index blocks
> [HBASE-6888] - HBase scripts ignore any HBASE_OPTS set in the environment
> [HBASE-6889] - Ignore source control files with apache-rat
> [HBASE-6900] - RegionScanner.reseek() creates NPE when a flush or compaction happens before the reseek.
> [HBASE-6901] - Store file compactSelection throws ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
> [HBASE-6906] - TestHBaseFsck#testQuarantine* tests are flakey due to TableNotEnabledException
> [HBASE-6912] - Filters are not properly applied in certain cases
> [HBASE-6916] - HBA logs at info level errors that won't show in the shell
> [HBASE-6920] - On timeout connecting to master, client can get stuck and never make progress
> [HBASE-6927] - WrongFS using HRegionInfo.getTableDesc() and different fs for hbase.root and fs.defaultFS
> [HBASE-6946] - JavaDoc missing from release tarballs
> [HBASE-5582] - "No HServerInfo found for" should be a WARNING message
> [HBASE-6914] - Scans/Gets/Mutations don't give a good error if the table is disabled.
> [HBASE-6853] - IllegalArgument Exception is thrown when an empty region is spliitted.
> Unless somebody (Ram :) ) speaks up I will roll back HBASE-6854 and HBASE-6853 (and maybe HBASE-6299)
> I could also roll all of these back except HBASE-6920 (which is the one that sunk the last RC). And leave the rest of the next RC.
> Also, from now on - at least until 0.94.2 is released, please clear all 0.94 changes with me before you commit. There is clearly too much churn going into 0.94 too quickly, which prevents 0.94.2 from stabilizing.
> -- Lars