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HDFS >> mail # user >> Hadoop Configuration Issues

Björn-Elmar Macek 2012-04-27, 10:01
alo alt 2012-04-27, 10:12
Björn-Elmar Macek 2012-04-27, 10:39
alo alt 2012-04-27, 11:11
Björn-Elmar Macek 2012-04-27, 14:28
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RE: Hadoop Configuration Issues
I would suggest changing the hadoop configuration on the slave(s)
You'll have to maintain the delta config amongst the nodes.
-----Original Message-----
From: Björn-Elmar Macek [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
Sent: Friday, April 27, 2012 7:28 AM
Subject: Re: Hadoop Configuration Issues

Hi Alex,

thank you for the tip: it pushed me into the right direction. I was using the deb-package to install hadoop, which did not work out cause of the problems i had. Now i use the tarball archive and unpacked it to a subfolder of my home directory.

BUT i just ran into another problem: after successfully executing "hadoop namenode -format" the "start-all.sh" script (executed on the master server) runs into errors, when trying to access files on the slave system: it automatically seems to expect the hadoop files lying in the very same directory as on the master:

ema@ubuntu:~/Programs/hadoop-1.0.2/bin$ ./start-all.sh
Warning: $HADOOP_HOME is deprecated.

namenode running as process 19393. Stop it first.
slave: bash: line 0: cd: /home/ema/Programs/hadoop-1.0.2/libexec/..: No such file or directory
slave: bash: /home/ema/Programs/hadoop-1.0.2/bin/hadoop-daemon.sh: No such file or directory ema@master's password:
master: Connection closed by UNKNOWN
starting jobtracker, logging to
slave: bash: line 0: cd: /home/ema/Programs/hadoop-1.0.2/libexec/..: No such file or directory
slave: bash: /home/ema/Programs/hadoop-1.0.2/bin/hadoop-daemon.sh: No such file or directory

How can i tell the slave, that the files lie somewhere else?

Best regards,

Am 27.04.2012 13:11, schrieb alo alt:
> Hi,
> yes, sorry - I saw that after I hit the send botton.
> Looks like you mixed up some configs with wrong templates. I would suggest you use the default configs:
> http://svn.apache.org/viewvc/hadoop/common/trunk/hadoop-common-project
> /hadoop-common/src/main/conf/
> - Alex
> --
> Alexander Lorenz
> http://mapredit.blogspot.com
> On Apr 27, 2012, at 12:39 PM, Björn-Elmar Macek wrote:
>> Hi Alex,
>> as i have written, i already did so! The problem is as already stated in my mail before, that all the Variables ${bla}  seem to be UNSET - not only SECURITY_TYPE. As i dont really understand those parameters, i would like to use the default ones, which afaik should be configured in the hadoop-env.sh. But obviously they are not.
>> Best,
>> Björn
>> Am 27.04.2012 12:12, schrieb alo alt:
>>> Hi,
>>> Invalid attribute value for hadoop.security.authentication of
>>> ${SECURITY_TYPE} Set it to simple and it should work (default is kerberos).
>>> - Alex
>>> --
>>> Alexander Lorenz
>>> http://mapredit.blogspot.com
>>> On Apr 27, 2012, at 12:01 PM, Björn-Elmar Macek wrote:
>>>> Hello,
>>>> i have recently installed Hadoop on my and a second machine in order to test the setup and develop little programs locally before deploying them to the cluster. I stumbled over several difficulties, which i could fix with some internet research. But once again im stuck and i think i can nail the problem down:
>>>> When Hadoop evaluates the config files in /etc/hadoop it does not have any default values for all the variables used within:
>>>> \________ First Error:
>>>> hadoop namenode -format
>>>> Warning: $HADOOP_HOME is deprecated.
>>>> 12/04/27 11:31:41 INFO namenode.NameNode: STARTUP_MSG:
>>>> /************************************************************
>>>> STARTUP_MSG: Starting NameNode
>>>> STARTUP_MSG:   host = ubuntu/
>>>> STARTUP_MSG:   args = [-format]
>>>> STARTUP_MSG:   version = 1.0.1
>>>> STARTUP_MSG:   build = https://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/hadoop/common/branches/branch-1.0 -r 1243785; compiled by 'hortonfo' on Tue Feb 14 08:13:52 UTC 2012
>>>> ************************************************************/
>>>> 12/04/27 11:31:41 INFO util.GSet: VM type       = 32-bit
>>>> 12/04/27 11:31:41 INFO util.GSet: 2% max memory = 2.475 MB
alo alt 2012-04-27, 19:38