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HBase >> mail # user >> [ANNOUNCE] HBase 0.94.10 is available for download

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[ANNOUNCE] HBase 0.94.10 is available for download
The HBase Team is pleased to announce the immediate release of HBase 0.94.10.
Download it from your favorite Apache mirror [1]. This release has also been pushed to Apache's maven repository.

As usual, all previous 0.92.x and 0.94.x releases can upgraded to 0.94.10 via a rolling upgrade without downtime, intermediary versions can be skipped.

0.94.10 is the current stable release of HBase. It fixes the following 35 issues:
    [HBASE-8774] - Add BatchSize and Filter to Thrift2
    [HBASE-8819] - Port HBASE-5428 to Thrift 2
    [HBASE-8826] - Ensure HBASE-8695 is covered in Thrift 2
    [HBASE-8832] - Ensure HBASE-4658 is supported by Thrift 2
    [HBASE-8876] - Addendum to HBASE-8774 Add BatchSize and Filter to Thrift2 - Add BatchSize Test
    [HBASE-8938] - Thrift2 does not close scanner instance
    [HBASE-8432] - a table with unbalanced regions will balance indefinitely with the 'org.apache.hadoop.hbase.master.DefaultLoadBalancer'
    [HBASE-8678] - Wrongly delete cells in some case which can not be deleted
    [HBASE-8695] - The HBase thrift service ignores XML configuration
    [HBASE-8776] - tweak retry settings some more (on trunk and 0.94)
    [HBASE-8782] - Thrift2 can not parse values when using framed transport
    [HBASE-8794] - DependentColumnFilter.toString() throws NullPointerException
    [HBASE-8811] - REST service ignores misspelled "check=" parameter, causing unexpected mutations
    [HBASE-8814] - Possible NPE in split if a region has empty store files.
    [HBASE-8858] - Backport hbase-6979 "recovered.edits file should not break distributed log splitting"
    [HBASE-8910] - HMaster.abortNow shouldn't try to become a master again if it was stopped
    [HBASE-8967] - Duplicate call to snapshotManager.stop() in HRegionServer
    [HBASE-8968] - Avoid call to zk in HRegionServer#getMaster() to log the master address which already read from the zk.
    [HBASE-8971] - Bump 0.94 version to 0.94.10-SNAPSHOT
    [HBASE-8988] - Reuse the thread pool in the shell to not run out of threads
    [HBASE-8599] - HLogs in ZK are not cleaned up when replication lag is minimal
    [HBASE-8767] - Backport hbase-8001 and hbase-8012, avoid lazy seek
    [HBASE-8806] - Row locks are acquired repeatedly in HRegion.doMiniBatchMutation for duplicate rows.
    [HBASE-8809] - Include deletes in the scan (setRaw) method does not respect the time range or the filter
    [HBASE-8847] - Filter.transform() always applies unconditionally, even when combined in a FilterList
    [HBASE-8908] - Backport HBASE-8882 and HBASE-8904 (An Integration Test to Test MTTR) to 0.94
    [HBASE-8921] - [thrift2] Add GenericOptionsParser to Thrift 2 server
    [HBASE-8945] - Backport to 0.94: HBASE-7952 Remove update() and Improve ExplicitColumnTracker performance.
    [HBASE-8829] - Improve failed TestMetaScanner assert message so can see where/why failure
    [HBASE-7770] - minor integration test framework fixes
    [HBASE-8885] - Fix and reenable TestGet failing#testDynamicFilter
    [HBASE-8914] - [0.94] TestRegionServerCoprocessorExceptionWithAbort is flaky
    [HBASE-8928] - Make ChaosMonkey & LoadTest tools extensible, to allow addition of more actions and policies.
    [HBASE-8934] - Fix bunch of flaky tests
    [HBASE-8969] - Backport HBASE-8535+HBASE-8586 TestHCM#testDeleteForZKConnLeak enhancement to 0.94

See also the full release notes [2].
Thanks to everybody who contributed to this release!

The HBase Team

1. http://www.apache.org/dyn/closer.cgi/hbase/
2. https://issues.apache.org/jira/secure/ReleaseNote.jspa?projectId=12310753&version=12324627