Hi devs,

I have seen some old pull requests for bugfix and new feature going to be
stale. Some of us tried to ping to author several times but not respond in
some months. For new feature we may have to wait for authors, but for
bugfix waiting authors means we are aware of the bug but we don't fix the
bug because of credit which doesn't make sense to me if we should wait for

So IMHO at least we may want to handle inactive bugfix pull requests not
too late, Maybe creating new PR addressing same thing without retaining
commits, or taking over PR via retaining commits. If possible it may be
ideal to take over inactive but valuable pull requests with retaining

What do you think about it? And does some of us know about any issues
including license, authorship, or so if someone takes over inactive pull
request with retaining their credit (commits)?

Jungtaek Lim (HeartSaVioR)
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