I have trouble import Teradata table into HDFS:

   1. Installed CDH using cloudera manager on CentOS 6.
   2. Installed Sqoop-Teradata-Connector 1.2.5c5 using parcel.
   3. Install Sqoop Client service, and deploy the configuration file.
   4. Downloaded teradata jdbc driver v15.0.0.15 and v13.10.00.36, and
   extracted the jars in ~/apps/terajdbc.
   5. export
   6. sqoop import --connect jdbc:teradata://teraserver/DATABASE=MYDB
   --username bewang -P --table action --num-mappers 1, then it just hangs
   after creating jar. The table 'action' is pretty small, only 161 rows.

14/06/17 18:05:08 INFO orm.CompilationManager: Writing jar file:
14/06/17 18:05:08 DEBUG orm.CompilationManager: Scanning for .class files
in directory: /tmp/sqoop-cloudera/compile/6c32f78ff095211b76e44a53cb3cdaef
14/06/17 18:05:08 DEBUG orm.CompilationManager: Got classfile:
-> action.class
14/06/17 18:05:08 DEBUG orm.CompilationManager: Finished writing jar file
14/06/17 18:05:08 INFO teradata.TeradataManager: Beginning Teradata table
based import

   1. I could successfully run "sqoop eval" to dump the table without

What's wrong with my method?

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