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Subject: Re: Discussing solutions to Sqoop1 and Sqoop2 confusion (was: Code name for Sqoop 2)
Thanks to everyone contributing to the discussion.

I think it makes sense to mark Sqoop2 as Sqoop-1.99.3-prerelease and
make our site a bit clearer about its lack of backward compatibility.

If this doesn't help - we can re-visit the rename idea.

How about taking the following steps:
- Change the blurb on our front page from:
"Latest stable release is 1.4.4 (download, documentation). Latest cut
of Sqoop2 is 1.99.3 (download, documentation)."

"Latest stable release is 1.4.4 (download, documentation). Latest
experimental release is 1.99.3 (download, documentation) - Note that
1.99.3 is not compatible with 1.4.4 and not feature complete."

- Change all references to 1.99.3 to "1.99.3-prerelease"

- Add clarifications in Sqoop2 docs that Sqoop1 parameters and
connectors are not supported.

- I'd like to also change the name of our Sqoop2 shell client to
something less confusing, but can't think of anything good here :)

What do you think?

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