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Hadoop >> mail # general >> where do side-projects go in trunk now that contrib/ is gone?

Steve Loughran 2013-02-11, 21:20
Eli Collins 2013-02-11, 21:36
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Re: where do side-projects go in trunk now that contrib/ is gone?
On 11 February 2013 21:36, Eli Collins <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> The idea of removing contrib was that this source would no longer go into
> the Hadoop project. Where it goes is really up to the contributor. Some
> people have created separate incubator projects (eg MRUnit), some people
> are using Apache extras (hosted on Google), some could bake on github and
> then get contributed to Hadoop when they're ready to be fully supported in
> the code base (eg Hadoop auth and Httpfs).
I understand, and I recognise a limit of contrib/ was its low maintenance

However, what the "no contrib" policy is saying is "no apache community
around any extension code". I can -and do- have stuff in github, but I'm
left choreographing merging with others -Rackspace, Mirantis -and as well
as having the merge grief that comes from not having a shared repository,
we are effectively excluding everyone else from participating.

similarly: google code hosting != ASF.

When you consider that Hadoop was a spin-off from lucene, Ant a spin-off
from Tomcat, I think xalan started off in a corner of Xerces, etc, forcing
things out of the ASF stops this incremental growth, not until things are
already at the stage where it's considered ready for incubation -which also
implies that this will be a long-lived project with independence from
everything else.

I can certainly see the value in having independent projects -but making it
the starting place for all contributions to the hadoop codebase is too high
a barrier.

we need something less formal that is still part of the ASF

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