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HBase >> mail # user >> CopyTable utility fails on larger tables

David Koch 2012-12-05, 15:42
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Re: CopyTable utility fails on larger tables

I agree it shouldn't fail (slow is one thing, fail is something else), but
regarding "HBase Master Web UI showed only one region for the destination
table.", you probably want to pre-split your destination table.

It's writing to one region, splitting, writing to those regions,
splitting, etc.
On 12/5/12 10:42 AM, "David Koch" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

>I can copy relatively small tables (10gb, 7million rows) using the
>HBase (0.92.1-cdh4.0.1) CopyTable utility but copying larger tables, say
>150gb, 100million rows does not work.
>The failed CopyTable job required 128 mappers according to the Job Tracker
>UI, all of these failed in the first attempt after 15 minutes, the job
>ran another 1 hour while remaining at 0%. However, according  to the
>counters many rows apparently had been mapped and emitted. Checking with
>HBase shell, I could not perform any action on the destination table
>get, count) and the HBase Master Web UI showed only one region for the
>destination table. I checked the log file on this region server and saw
>attached log record (extract).
>What precautions should I take when copying tables? Do certain settings
>need to be de-activated for the duration of the job?
>Thank you,
>2012-12-05 15:50:40,406 INFO
>org.apache.hadoop.hbase.regionserver.MemStoreFlusher: Flush of region
>\x08,1354713876229.a75fba31d9883ed7be4ed4a7be0e592f. due to global heap
>2012-12-05 15:50:49,086 INFO org.apache.hadoop.hbase.regionserver.Store:
>Added hdfs://
>entries=418152, sequenceid=1440152048, memsize=217.0m, filesize=145.9m
>2012-12-05 15:50:49,088 INFO org.apache.hadoop.hbase.regionserver.HRegion:
>Finished memstore flush of ~217.8m/228416264, currentsize=33.0m/34555320
>for region _xxxxxxx_EH_xxx,{\xF0\xE4\xA2?!EQ\xB8\xC9tE\x19\x92
>\x08,1354713876229.a75fba31d9883ed7be4ed4a7be0e592f. in 8682ms,
>sequenceid=1440152048, compaction requested=true
>2012-12-05 15:50:49,088 WARN
>org.apache.hadoop.hbase.regionserver.MemStoreFlusher: Region
>_xxxxxxx_EH_xxx,,1354713876229.37825c623850b16013ab0bf902d02746. has too
>many store files; delaying flush up to 90000ms
>2012-12-05 15:50:49,760 WARN org.apache.hadoop.ipc.HBaseServer: IPC Server
>Responder, call
>rpc version=1, client version=29, methodsFingerPrint=54742778 from
> output error
>2012-12-05 15:50:49,760 WARN org.apache.hadoop.ipc.HBaseServer: IPC Server
>handler 9 on 60020 caught: java.nio.channels.ClosedChannelException
>at sun.nio.ch.SocketChannelImpl.write(SocketChannelImpl.java:324)
>2012-12-05 15:50:49,763 WARN org.apache.hadoop.ipc.HBaseServer: IPC Server
>listener on 60020: readAndProcess threw exception java.io.IOException:
>Connection reset by peer. Count of bytes read: 0
>java.io.IOException: Connection reset by peer
>at sun.nio.ch.FileDispatcher.read0(Native Method)
>at sun.nio.ch.SocketDispatcher.read(SocketDispatcher.java:21)
>at sun.nio.ch.IOUtil.readIntoNativeBuffer(IOUtil.java:198)
>at sun.nio.ch.IOUtil.read(IOUtil.java:171)
>at sun.nio.ch.SocketChannelImpl.read(SocketChannelImpl.java:243)
David Koch 2012-12-05, 17:44
David Koch 2012-12-06, 13:32