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Review request for pig.

Pig accepts a macro like:
define COUNT(in_relation, min_gpa) returns c {
                           b = filter $in_relation by gpa >= $min_gpa;
                           $c = foreach b generate age, name;
This should produce a warning that it is masking a UDF.
This addresses bug PIG-2248.

  src/org/apache/pig/parser/PigMacro.java 435fc13

Diff: https://reviews.apache.org/r/10435/diff/

I tested it with two macro defined in one Pig script, there is only one warning message for each macro. The message looks like
[main] WARN  org.apache.pig.parser.PigMacro - macro name 'COUNT' masks a builtin UDF org.apache.pig.builtin.COUNT
[main] WARN  org.apache.pig.parser.PigMacro - macro name 'ABS' masks a builtin UDF org.apache.pig.builtin.ABS

Johnny Zhang

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