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HBase >> mail # user >> Hmaster and HRegionServer disappearance reason to ask

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Re: Hmaster and HRegionServer disappearance reason to ask
 Pablo, instead of CMSIncrementalMode try UseParNewGC.. That seemed to be the silver bullet when I was dealing with HBase region server crashes

From: Pablo Musa <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Sent: Thursday, 5 July 2012 5:37 PM
Subject: RE: Hmaster and HRegionServer disappearance reason to ask

I am having the same problem. I tried N different things but I cannot solve the problem.

hadoop-0.20.noarch      0.20.2+923.256-1
hadoop-hbase.noarch     0.90.6+84.29-1
hadoop-zookeeper.noarch 3.3.5+19.1-1

I already set:


But it does not seem to work.
How can I check if this variables are really set in the HRegionServer?

I am starting the server with the following:
-Xmx8192m -XX:NewSize=64m -XX:MaxNewSize=64m -ea -XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC -XX:+CMSIncrementalMode -XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC -verbose:gc -XX:+PrintGCDetails -XX:+PrintGCTimeStamps

I am also having trouble to read reagionserver.out
[GC 72004.406: [ParNew: 55830K->2763K(59008K), 0.0043820 secs] 886340K->835446K(1408788K) icms_dc=0 , 0.0044900 secs] [Times: user=0.04 sys=0.00, real=0.00 secs]
[GC 72166.759: [ParNew: 55192K->6528K(59008K), 135.1102750 secs] 887876K->839688K(1408788K) icms_dc=0 , 135.1103920 secs] [Times: user=1045.58 sys=138.11, real=135.09 secs]
[GC 72552.616: [ParNew: 58977K->6528K(59008K), 0.0083040 secs] 892138K->847415K(1408788K) icms_dc=0 , 0.0084060 secs] [Times: user=0.05 sys=0.01, real=0.01 secs]
[GC 72882.991: [ParNew: 58979K->6528K(59008K), 151.4924490 secs] 899866K->853931K(1408788K) icms_dc=0 , 151.4925690 secs] [Times: user=0.07 sys=151.48, real=151.47 secs]

What does each part means?
Each line is a GC cicle?

-----Original Message-----
From: Lars George [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
Sent: segunda-feira, 2 de julho de 2012 06:43
Subject: Re: Hmaster and HRegionServer disappearance reason to ask

Hi lztaomin,

> org.apache.zookeeper.KeeperException$SessionExpiredException:
> KeeperErrorCode = Session expired

indicates that you have experienced the "Juliet Pause" issue, which means you ran into a JVM garbage collection that lasted longer than the configured ZooKeeper timeout threshold.

If you search for it on Google http://www.google.com/search?q=juliet+pause+hbase you will find quite a few pages explaining the problem, and what you can do to avoid this.


On Jul 2, 2012, at 10:30 AM, lztaomin wrote:

>      My HBase group a total of 3 machine, Hadoop HBase mounted in the same machine, zookeeper using HBase own. Operation 3 months after the reported abnormal as follows. Cause hmaster and HRegionServer processes are gone. Please help me.
> Thanks
> The following is a log
> ABORTING region server serverName=datanode1,60020,1325326435553,
> load=(requests=332, regions=188, usedHeap=2741, maxHeap=8165):
> regionserver:60020-0x3488dec38a02b1
> regionserver:60020-0x3488dec38a02b1 received expired from ZooKeeper,
> aborting
> Cause:
> org.apache.zookeeper.KeeperException$SessionExpiredException:
> KeeperErrorCode = Session expired at
> org.apache.hadoop.hbase.zookeeper.ZooKeeperWatcher.connectionEvent(Zoo
> KeeperWatcher.java:343) at
> org.apache.hadoop.hbase.zookeeper.ZooKeeperWatcher.process(ZooKeeperWa
> tcher.java:261) at
> org.apache.zookeeper.ClientCnxn$EventThread.processEvent(ClientCnxn.ja
> va:530) at
> org.apache.zookeeper.ClientCnxn$EventThread.run(ClientCnxn.java:506)
> 2012-07-01 13:45:38,707 INFO
> org.apache.hadoop.hbase.master.handler.ServerShutdownHandler:
> Splitting logs for datanode1,60020,1325326435553
> 2012-07-01 13:45:38,756 INFO
> org.apache.hadoop.hbase.regionserver.wal.HLogSplitter: Splitting 32