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Hadoop >> mail # user >> execute hadoop job from remote web application

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Re: execute hadoop job from remote web application
I  try to be more specific. It is not dependent jar. It is a jar which
contains map/reduce/combine classes and some business logic.
  executing our job from command line, class which parse parameters and
submit a job has a line of code:

we execute it locally on hadoop master machine using command such command:
opt/hadoop/bin/hadoop jar /opt/hadoop/hadoop-jobs/my_hadoop_job.jar
-inputPath /opt/inputs/  -outputPath /data/output_jobs/output

and of course my_hadoop_job.jar  is found because it is located on the same

Now , suppose I am going to submit job remotely (from web applications).
 and I have the same line of code

 In case my_hadoop_job.jar located on remote hadoop machine  (in class path)
, my jobClient will failed because there is no job jar in class path ( it is
located on remote hadoop machine). Am I write? I simply don't know how to
submit a job remotely (in my case job is not a map/combine/reduce classes it
is a jar which contains other classes too).

Regarding remotely invoke the shellscript that contains the hadoop jar
command with
any required input arguments.
    It is possible to do it  by Runtime.getRuntime().exec(
submitCommand.toString().split( " " ) );
But I prefer to use jobClient , because I can monitor my job (get counters
and other useful information).

Thanks in advance

On Tue, Oct 18, 2011 at 4:34 PM, Bejoy KS <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Hi Oleg
>          I haven't tried out a scenario like you mentioned. But I think
> there shouldn't be any issue in submitting a job that has some dependent
> classes which holds the business logic referred from mapper,reducer or
> combiner. You should be able to do the job submission remotely the same we
> were discussing in this thread. If you need to distribute any dependent
> jars/files along with the application jar, you can use the -libjars option
> in CLI or use the DistributedCache methods like
> addArchiveToClassPath()/addFileToClassPath() in your java code. If it is a
> dependent jar It is better to deploy the same in the cluster environment
> itself so that every time when you submit your job you don't have to
> transfer the jar over the network again and again.
>         Just a suggestion, if you can execute the job from within your
> hadoop cluster you don't have to do a remote job submission. You just need
> to remotely invoke the shellscript that contains the hadoop jar command
> with
> any required input arguments. Sorry if I'm not getting your requirement
> exactly.
> Regards
> Bejoy.K.S
> On Tue, Oct 18, 2011 at 6:29 PM, Oleg Ruchovets <[EMAIL PROTECTED]
> >wrote:
> > Thanks  you all for your answers but I still have a questions:
> >  Currently we running our jobs using shell scripts which locates on
> hadoop
> > master machine.
> >
> > Here is an example of command line:
> > /opt/hadoop/bin/hadoop jar /opt/hadoop/hadoop-jobs/my_hadoop_job.jar
> > -inputPath /opt/inputs/  -outputPath /data/output_jobs/output
> >
> > my_hadoop_job.jar has a class which parse input parameters and submit a
> > job.
> > Our code is very similar like you wrote:
> >   ......
> >
> >        job.setJarByClass(HadoopJobExecutor.class);
> >        job.setMapperClass(MultipleOutputMap.class);
> >        job.setCombinerClass(BaseCombine.class);
> >        job.setReducerClass(HBaseReducer.class);
> >        job.setOutputKeyClass(Text.class);
> >        job.setOutputValueClass(MapWritable.class);
> >
> >        FileOutputFormat.setOutputPath(job, new Path(finalOutPutPath));
> >
> >        jobCompleteStatus = job.waitForCompletion(true);
> > ...............
> >
> > my question are:
> >
> > 1) my_hadoop_job.jar contains another classes (business logic) not only
> > Map,Combine,Reduce classes and I still don't understand how can I submit
> > job
> > which needs all classes from my_hadoop_job.jar?
> > 2) Do I need to submit a my_hadoop_job.jar too? If yes what is the way to