I must admit that my rusty knowledge of .NET hampered my efforts to actually use it, so it took quite a while to even depend on the projekt, so I haven't really done much testing of anything.
But looking at the namespace and method names, my biggest worry is that it's using the Java naming conventions. I'd expect e.g. namespace MetaModel.Core instead of org.apache.metamodel.core and e.g. MetaModelHelper.IsInformationSchema instead of MetaModelHelper.isInformationSchema
I'm not sure if the tool you're using will permit that without manually trawling through the code to update references, though.
I'll experiment with it tomorrow if time permits.


From: Henry Saputra <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Sent: 05 September 2017 20:40:53
Subject: Re: Port to C# (DotNet Core) 0.2.0 released and answers to feedback

Looking at the initiative to port MetaModel to C#, I need to ask what is
the motivation to do this.

If it is just client bindings to be able to use Apache MetaModel in C#, or
other languages for that matter, we could use gRPC and move the interface
definition to declarative and allow code gen for different languages.

But rewrite the whole project into different language makes bit concern
about maintainability and effectiveness in long run.

- Henry

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