Hello Dev team

I've just released v 0.2.0 of a 'port to Csharp' prototype, here it is:

Now the codebase is big enough (i.e. the 'engine' is ready) which allows to
run the unit
tests (via 'MetaModel-cli-test' console app) but still a lot of validation
/ debug
pending (e.g. in JsonDataContextTest.testDocumentsOnEveryLineFile() only
the first
Assert succeeds).  Previously I sais that I applied a "brute force" and
"bottom up" approach. Now I
would say that it's more the approach seems more like porting a legacy

I agree with Kasper that a rewrite with CSharp strengths and weaknesses
makes more
sense than a "1 to 1 Force Fit". Beyond that each language brings its own
set of "design biases"
with the entropy/negentropy side effect of its idioms. Then my feeling is
that this prototype may
hightlight the parts where such 'bias' occured.

I just hope that this prototype may raise enough motivation to start a
"dotnet" child project
within Apache MetaModel.

Best Regards

Michel Kern (echopraxium)
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