Hello Sebastian

    I share your concerns, even though (or precisely because) I'm not a
    'referent' in Application and Data storage interoperability, I'm a
    seasoned SW engineer (1). My feedback on your article, is that the
    use case illustrates  the challenges and needs for a web of
    interoperables solutions (maybe you could mention SKOS among the
    Semweb languages)
    My interest for interoperability started in 1997, at this time there
    was CORBA and Microsoft COM, then regarding RDBMS, there was
    ODBC/JDBC. There was also all the vendors buzz like SAP pretending
    to teach esperanto to the babel towers of legacy apps (but in fact
    replacing backoffice apps by theirs)
    Some time XML and its modelling 'applications' (XML Schema and XMI)
    gave me some hopes, but still no concrete sign of 'user driven apps'
    built by a dynamic process of looking for and assembling
    'autodescribed components' (SOAP and WSDL was then a kind of CORBA
    Before the Semantic Web,
    I had never really 'bought' the idea that SQL based Data Storage was
    considered as a 'Silver Bullet', ORM solutions seemed to bring even
    more entropy.
    But with the advent of Graph Databases (e.g. Neo4J) and this
    brilliant solution (Apache MetaModel) for Data Storage
    interoperability, I am at last more comfortable and comfortable with
    the idea that the solutions are available for designing
    interoperable solutions in an elegant way at last.
     I am most fluent in the DataViz and ETL dimensions of Semantic
networks. I authored a mindmapping app in 2004: Thinkgraph, now I'm
prototyping a solution to provide interoperability between 'knowledge
visualization' (e.g. TheBrain, XMind), Data Storage and Curating
platforms (e.g. Pinterest, Evernote, Youtube, etc..).
I chose .Net/C# as my development workshop thats why I started a port of
Apache MetaModel in C#.

    Best Regards

     Michel Kern

    1. Dassault Systèmes 1991-2000, Nokia 2001-2010
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