Followings outputs are the correct.

<001,sales 35.99>
<002,sales 12.49>
<004,sales 13.42>
<003,sales 499.99>
<001,sales 78.95>
<002,sales 21.99>
<002,sales 93.45>
<001,sales 9.99>
<001,accounts John Allen>
<002,accounts Abigail Smith>
<003,accounts April Stevens>
<004,accounts Nasser Hafez>

The outputs are grouped and sorted by keys, and reducers process each
groups. The inputs of the reduce method are as follows:

<key: 001,
 values: {sales 35.99, sales 78.95, sales 9.99, accounts John Allen}>
<key: 002,
 values: {sales 12.49, sales 21.99, sales 93.45, accounts Abigail Smith}>
<key: 003,
 values: {sales 499.99, accounts April Stevens}>
<key: 004,
 values: {sales 13.42, accounts Nasser Hafez}>


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