Quick question, Wangda.  When you say that the feature can be turned
off, do you mean resource types or resource profiles?  I know there's an
off-by-default property that governs resource profiles, but I didn't see
any way to turn off resource types.  Even if only CPU and memory are
configured, i.e. no additional resource types, the code path is
different than it was.  Specifically, where CPU and memory were
primitives before, they're now entries in an array whose indexes have to
be looked up through the ResourceUtils class.  Did I miss something?

For those who haven't followed the feature closely, there are really two
features here.  Resource types allows for declarative extension of the
resource system in YARN.  Resource profiles builds on top of resource
types to allow a user to request a group of resources as a profile, much
like EC2 instance types, e.g. "fast-compute" might mean 32GB RAM, 8
vcores, and 2 GPUs.


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