Daniel Templeton 2017-03-17, 21:09
  Mingliang Liu 2017-03-17, 22:49
  Jason Lowe 2017-03-17, 22:58
  Steve Loughran 2017-03-19, 15:23
  Sunil Govind 2017-03-19, 17:01
  Steve Loughran 2017-03-19, 19:14
  Marton Elek 2017-03-20, 09:44
  John Zhuge 2017-03-20, 16:07
  Junping Du 2017-03-20, 17:02
  John Zhuge 2017-03-20, 17:31
  Wangda Tan 2017-03-20, 17:35
  Junping Du 2017-03-20, 18:18
  Brahma Reddy Battula 2017-03-21, 14:51
  surendra lilhore 2017-03-21, 15:25
  Masatake Iwasaki 2017-03-21, 16:17
  Gergo Pasztor 2017-03-21, 16:33
  Akira Ajisaka 2017-03-21, 16:39
  Wei-Chiu Chuang 2017-03-21, 16:53
  Andrew Wang 2017-03-21, 17:12
  Yufei Gu 2017-03-21, 18:04
  Haibo Chen 2017-03-21, 18:43
I'm an =0 I'm afraid

I think those extra files need to be pulled which triggers a repackage, at which point there's a couple of

HADOOP-14205 No FileSystem for scheme: adl
HADOOP-14204 S3A multipart commit failing,

of the two, the ADL FS one is the most significant, though if there was going to be a re-roll, I'd like them in.

I also worry about windows test coverage, as irrespective of whether people are planning to run it on a windows host in production, the hadoop libs get used client side in job submit, and more now in Spark . HADOOP-14201 showed up that (a) my new VM is a mess, so complicating testing and (b) gzip was failing. I Worry about gzip, as that could be a sign of native lib problems.. someone needs to look at it a bit more. However, I don't think it should really be a blocker, given the ASF doesn't officially redistribute windows binaries.

so: some issues with packaging and a couple of patches which need to go in. Test coverage on windows is potentially longer, and I don't want it to hold things up.

Anyhow: =0. If everyone else is happy to ship, then let's get it out the door, as that's the only way that we'll get all the in-the-field bugreps coming back in. We will need to release some new versions in the coming weeks to handle those

  Junping Du 2017-03-17, 09:18
  Miklos Szegedi 2017-03-17, 20:10
  Eric Payne 2017-03-17, 20:51
  Zhihai Xu 2017-03-21, 19:55
  John Zhuge 2017-03-21, 19:56
  Allen Wittenauer 2017-03-21, 20:27
  Eric Badger 2017-03-21, 20:42
  Kuhu Shukla 2017-03-21, 22:17
  Junping Du 2017-03-22, 03:10
  Ravi Prakash 2017-03-22, 11:29
  larry mccay 2017-03-22, 13:03
  Jian He 2017-03-22, 15:00
  Rakesh Radhakrishnan 2017-03-22, 17:53
  Naganarasimha Garla 2017-03-22, 18:46
  varunsaxena@... 2017-03-22, 18:56
  Karthik Kambatla 2017-03-22, 21:10
  Junping Du 2017-03-23, 06:46
  Allen Wittenauer 2017-03-24, 00:27
  Junping Du 2017-03-25, 01:21
  Junping Du 2017-03-26, 23:28
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