If am not sure, if I understood your issue correctly. Would you like to
specify somehow where the configuration directory for your Hadoop cluster
is located (e.g. /etc/hadoop/conf)?

If you use init scripts from CDH, they assume that config directory is
Afaik, when you use HDP or Apache distribution, then you can specify where
your configuration directory is when you start a script e.g. "sudo -u hdfs
/usr/lib/hadoop/sbin/hadoop-daemon.sh --config <config_directory> start

I grepped my configuration directory, and installation directory
(/usr/lib/hadoop), but I can not see variable called: HADOOP_HOME_DIR
I see that /usr/lib/hadoop/libexec/hadoop-layout.sh contains variable
2013/12/8 Forrest Aldrich <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
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