Thanks Arun for checking the feature.

* can you folks point me to any test application / framework or has this
been integrated with MapReduce
Currently this feature is integrated with Distributed Shell.
Reference: YARN-5588
This is not yet integrated with MapReduce. This work is ongoing
in YARN-6504.

*  Can you maybe comment a bit on the type of scale testing done ?
We have done scale testing by using SLS with this feature turned off and
also turned on with only Memory and VCores. This performance was on par
with trunk with a variance of ~2%. I will let Wangda to add more color here
with data.

*  Is there a plan to merge this with branch-2 ?
We had a discussion with few folks here in Bangalore from MS and Huawei.
And will be looking into same as this branch is merged in trunk.

- Sunil

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NEW: Monitor These Apps!
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