Hello, Harsh!

I am Yoonmin from South Korea.

I have a question for you about hadoop classpath.
My hadoop home folder is same in all nodes in my cluster :

Then, I compiled my own modified version of hadoop, so I have a file named

Using scp, I distributed that file to all of my nodes at
/home/hadoop/hadoop-1.2.1 and /home/hadoop/hadoop-1.2.1/build.
Then, I restart dfs and mapred. But changed things are not effected when I
submitted new job into my cluster.

I think it was strange. So, I delete hadoop-core-1.2.2.SNAPSHOP.jar from two
folders as I mentioned.
However, the dfs and mapred are started successfully!

What's going on in my hadoop?

I think it was strongly related to the classpath, so I am asking you what
was wrong?

Thank you!

Best Regards

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