The MADlib team invites you to our  7 Sep community call to discuss the new
features and improvements 1.12 release (webinar:

* New modules (All Pairs Shortest Path, Weakly Connected Components,
  Breadth First Search, Mulitple Graph Measures, Stratified Sampling,
  Train-test split, Multilayer Perceptron)
* Decision tree and random forest improvements (Allow expressions in
  feature list, Allow array input for features, Filter NULL dependent
  values in OOB, Add option to treat NULL as category)
* Summary improvements (Allow user to determine the number of columns
  per run, Improve efficiency of computation time by ~35%)
* Sketch improvements (Promote cardinality estimators to top level
  module from early stage)
* Add basic code coverage support
* Updates for Apache Top Level Project
* Multiple bug fixes

See you then!
Bob Glithero | Data Product Marketing
Pivotal, Inc.
[EMAIL PROTECTED] | m: 415.341.5592
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