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Subject: Producer SSL?

While searching the user group messages I found the following thread -
 It shows the following stack trace with 0.8.

[2013-08-27 08:29:30,372] INFO Fetching metadata from broker
id:0,host:localhost,port:6667,secure:true with correlation id 8 for 1
topic(s) Set(test-41) (kafka.client.ClientUtils$)
[2013-08-27 08:29:30,373] INFO begin ssl handshake for localhost/ (
[2013-08-27 08:29:30,375] INFO finished ssl handshake for localhost/ (
[2013-08-27 08:29:30,375] INFO Connected to localhost:6667:true for
producing (kafka.producer.SyncProducer)
[2013-08-27 08:29:30,380] INFO Disconnecting from localhost:6667:true
[2013-08-27 08:29:30,381] INFO Secure sockets for data transfer is enabled

Is there a 'secure' boolean property on the broker that allows for SSL?  I
didn't see it on but maybe I
missed it?


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