Hi Jason,

We are closely monitoring the health of one of our production clusters that
has the 0.8 code deployed. This cluster is feeding off of LinkedIn's
production traffic. Once this cluster is fairly stable, we'd like to run
all of our tools and ensure those are working. Another thing we are trying
is to introduce failures on this cluster when it is under load and ensure
that there is no data loss.

So far, we've been working on stabilizing this cluster and fixing bugs.
Next week, we will be working on tools and setting up audit so we can do
some data loss analysis, if any. This will probably take another month.
After that, I think we should be ready to release a public BETA and have
our users try it. If we release it sooner than that, I'm not sure it will
be helpful since tools and simple failure cases might not work as expected.

As far as formal release goes, I believe end of March or April will be a
good timeframe. We will try our best to update documentation for the BETA
release, 3-4 weeks from now.

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