Hi Gwen, thanks for taking a look at the KIP.

I understand your concern trying to make the transition as smooth as
possible. However there are several issues with the way client-ids
with special characters are handled:
Client-ids that contain invalid ObjectName characters (colon, equals,
etc) currently fail to be registered by the build-in JMX reporter so
they already don't appear in all monitoring systems ! These also cause
issues with Quotas.

The Java clients as well as the kafka-configs.sh tool already reject
them (even though the error you get from the Produce/Consumer is
pretty cryptic).

People currently using client-ids with special characters have to be
running 3rd party clients and probably encounter strange quotas issues
as well as missing metrics (if they use JMX).

So if we really want to do the smallest possible change, we could only
encode ObjectName special characters instead of all special
characters. That way at least the JMX reporter would work correctly.
Display a warning when using any other special characters. Then in a
later release, encode everything like we currently do for the

What do you think ?

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