hmmm, interesting

I think the issue is that I had to-do multiple pushes to nexus to get this
to work (unfortunately) and perhaps maven central did not overwrite like it
did with apache rather appending and meshing the poms together.  The POM in
maven central looks like a combination of what I was doing in

Please create a JIRA however I suspect when we do another release (either
0.8.0-beta2 or 0.8.0) this will be correct and 1:1 from apache repo because
I won't be doing multiple pushes like i had to-do here

the weird parent block is required by apache when releasing as I understand
it and read the docs

perhaps for 0.8.0-beta1 folks should just use the repo because
matches the POM from the 0.8 branch

great to be working all this stuff out in beta1 so we can have a nice clean
0.8 release =8^)

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