Thanks for the explanation Neha.....still holding out hope.....

So, if request.required.acks=-1, how does the leader confirm that the other
brokers have consumed the message, before acking to the producer?  Does the
leader just wait for the followers in the ISR to consume?  Or does the
leader have a way to push, or ping the followers to consume?

Couldn't that mechanism be used, during a clean shutdown, even if the
messages were initially produced with acks=1? That is, when shutting down,
get acks from all ISR members for each partition, before shutting down.

I'm just a bit leery about using -1 across the board, because of the
performance hit (but for now it seems the best option to use for reliable

A separate question, can the request.required.acks be set to a higher
positive integer, say "2", to indicate that 2 of say 3 replicas have acked?
 ("request.required.acks" in the name would seem to indicate this).  I'm
not saying I'd want to use this (we are hoping to use only a replication
factor of 2).

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