Thanks for the help.

FWIW, I ended up writing a simple Util that I can use as my consumer is
starting up to move the offset back.  It *seems* to work decently.
Thoughts?  Would this be something that would be helpful for contribution
back to Kafka, or is the idea just poor?

   * Attempts to move the consumer offset back.  If it has any issues,
throws an exception.
  def moveConsumerOffsetBack(@Nonnull groupId: String, @Nonnull topic:
String,  partition: Long, approximateMessagesBack: Long) {
    Preconditions.checkArgument(partition >= 0)
    Preconditions.checkArgument(approximateMessagesBack > 0)

    val path = ZkUtils.ConsumersPath + "/" + groupId + "/offsets/" + topic
+ "/" + partition

    if (zkClient.exists(path)) {
        val currentOffset = zkClient.readData[Any](path)  // We get this
from ZK as Any because the exact type is unpredictable. It might be Long or
        val desiredOffset = math.max(0, (currentOffset.toString.toLong -
        zkClient.writeData(path, desiredOffset.toString)
        warn("Reset the " + topic + " consumer to " + desiredOffset)
    else {
      throw new RuntimeException("Unable to find the move the consumer back
in ZK.  This may or may not be an issue, depending on whether you expect
the path to exist. Path: " + path)
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