Hi All,

We are having kafka cluster of 2 nodes. (using 0.8.0 final release)
Replication Factor: 2
Number of partitions: 2

I have created a topic "test-topic1" in kafka.

When i am listing status of that topic using bin/kafka-list-topic.sh, the
status is:

topic: test-topic1    partition: 0    leader: 0       replicas: 0,1   isr:
topic: test-topic1    partition: 1    leader: 1       replicas: 1,0   isr:

As both partition are on two separate nodes so when we produce the data it
should be go to both nodes.

But when i insert the data, it is going to only one node.

For example if i insert 1000 messages then all 1000 messages will go either
node1 or node2. Data is not evenly distributed on both nodes.

Expected: 500 messages should go to node1 and 500 messages should go to

Any suggestion why i am facing this behavior?

*Thanks & Regards*
*Hanish Bansal*

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