I haven't got the chance to try JMXTrans, although I'm planning to (and
like to hear feedback if there is any).

That being said they seem to focus on performance

from their wiki (https://github.com/jmxtrans/jmxtrans/wiki)

"The JmxTransformer engine is fully multithreaded. You specify the maximum
number of threads that you want to start up for each part of the
application. By default, up to 10 servers are queried at the same time. It
is also possible to have multiple threads for each query against a server.
Thus, you can specify that you want 10 threads to handle your 50 servers.
Each one of your servers may have defined 10 queries. You can therefore,
set the numQueryThreads to 2 to execute two queries against a server at
the same time."

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