Yeah I am using ack = 0, so that makes sense.  I'll need to rethink that,
it would seem.  It would be nice, wouldn't it, in this case, for the broker
to realize this and just forward the messages to the correct leader.  Would
that be possible?

Also, it would be nice to have a second option to the controlled shutdown
(e.g., to allow the broker to wait after
the controlled shutdown, a prescribed amount of time before actually
shutting down the server. Then, I could set this value to something a
little greater than the producer's ''.
 This would help with hitless rolling restarts too.  Currently, every
producer gets a very loud "Connection Reset" with a tall stack trace each
time I restart a broker.  Would be nicer to have the producers still be
able to produce until the metadata refresh interval expires, then get the
word that the leader has moved due to the controlled shutdown, and then
start producing to the new leader, all before the shutting down server
actually shuts down.  Does that seem feasible?

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