It might be you are starting a consumer after the messages are produced and
since your consumer is starting for the first time when it registers with
ZK you won't see messages since the default is to start at the largest

so, try starting ZK, the broker and your consumer and then start up the
producer and send messages (or set auto.offset.reset to smallest that "might" be
the issue.

On a related note, I have a client that I have been working with on this
exact same type of scenario and the solution I am providing is based on
vagrant and puppet so with a single command then can enter the VM all ready
to go and up and running and they are good to go with their development.
 Once that is done and good to go I should be able to open source and
contribute it back into the project (if folks want) as a Vagrantfile for
Kafka so folks can "vagrant up" and get going (let me know).
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