What are folks thoughts about development branches with the branch being
the ticket number?  I think it should continue to follow the bylaws but how
do we vote in the initial commit?

Can a committer just +1 whether the JIRA ticket gets a branch or can we
have it so committer (even if committer is working on the code) can branch
for a ticket so the work can get collaborated on?

I want to create a branch for
https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/KAFKA-1207 which will likely have 3-4
sub tickets it looks like now (which would be nice to include KAFKA-1206
too if folks have a chance to look at the change so if there are issue they
can get in).

Would it make sense to just create a 0.9 branch and do it under that?

I was thinking of doing a few security ones also.

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