With 0.8.0, I'm seeing that an initial metadata request fails, if the
number of running brokers is fewer than the configured replication factor:

877 [kafka-request-handler-0] ERROR kafka.server.KafkaApis  -
[KafkaApi-1946108683] Error while retrieving topic metadata
kafka.admin.AdministrationException: replication factor: 2 larger than
available brokers: 1
at kafka.admin.AdminUtils$.assignReplicasToBrokers(AdminUtils.scala:62)
at kafka.admin.CreateTopicCommand$.createTopic(CreateTopicCommand.scala:92)
at scala.collection.immutable.Set$Set1.foreach(Set.scala:81)
at kafka.server.KafkaApis.handleTopicMetadataRequest(KafkaApis.scala:400)
at kafka.server.KafkaApis.handle(KafkaApis.scala:61)
at kafka.server.KafkaRequestHandler.run(KafkaRequestHandler.scala:41)
at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:680)

However, if after connecting, the number of brokers goes down, producing
clients have no problems continuing sending messages, etc.

So, I thought the idea was that once a replica becomes available, it will
be caught up with messages it might have missed, etc.  This is good because
it makes doing things like rolling restarts of the brokers possible, etc.
 But it's a problem if a rolling restart happens at the same time a new
client is coming online to try and initialize a connection.


Shouldn't the requirements be the same for initial connections as ongoing


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