Hi Jun,

I've made some of the changes:

#1 - was doing this in the leader identification, but not on startup. I've
cleaned that up

#2 - thoughts on how to word this comment? I'm not sure how to point out
not to do something we didn't do :)

#3 Fixed

#4 I'll need to spend a bunch more time refactoring this than I have right
now. The point about the different ports isn't something I considered since
our DevOps guys build everything from recipes so they are always the same,
but I can see how in a non-cookie cutter world that could happen.

#5 Good to know. I've updated the example. However I couldn't reproduce
this even with a fairly small fetch buffer so I'm not 100% sure the check
is correct. Can you take a look and make sure I don't have an off-by-one
error? Or suggest how to make it happen?


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