Ok, I figured out the problem.  The problem was with the patch format so I
will take care of that ... the patch is minor enough I will take the code
changes and whip up a new patch and let Maxime know (assuming that patch is
good) about how to make a Kafka patch moving forward).

I noticed the incubation URL was wrong on the README so I walked through
the contributor steps and everything worked just perfectly

the only thing I did notice is that the commit message I put in "as a
contributor" was part of the patch and everything so I think we should call
out some guidelines for making commit messages, like always put the
KAFKA-XYZ in the message so when we review and push everything goes in how
we expected if we made the change and committed ourselves.

I just could not let it go, now I am going to-do what I need to for work
before my daughter wakes up =8^)

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